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Janaki Orb Wax Melt
Janaki Orb Wax Melt
Janaki Orb Wax Melt

Janaki Orb Wax Melt



Evergreen | Festive | Invigorating

Immerse your home in the spirit of the season with our Janaki Noel Sphere, a Christmas Tree Fragrance Wax Melt. Perfectly shaped as a festive sphere, this versatile wax melt not only fills your space with the quintessential aroma of a fresh Christmas tree but also serves as an elegant ornament for your Christmas tree.

As it melts, it releases a symphony of scents including pine, heliotrope, lily of the valley, and moss, complemented by a hint of frosty winter air. This blend instantly creates a cozy, holiday atmosphere. Ideal for adding both scent and a touch of decorative charm, the Janaki Noel Sphere is a celebration of winter's joy and warmth.

Perfect for those who cherish the traditional scents and sights of Christmas, this circular wax melt is an elegant, aromatic addition to your holiday decor.