The Art of 'Frosting': Why Your Soy Candles Look Snow-Kissed

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"Frosting" is a mysterious feature that many of us have observed in soy wax candles, yet few truly understand what it means. At first glance, it may seem like a flaw, an imperfection marking the smooth surface of the candle. However, this peculiarity has a curious story, and its presence testifies to the quality and purity of the soy wax used in candle production. Let’s dive into the world of "frosting" and discover what lies behind this intriguing phenomenon.

What Is Frosting?

"Frosting" is a term used to describe the formation of white crystals that may appear both on the external surface and along the internal edges of candles. Although this phenomenon can occur with natural waxes, it is particularly common in soy wax and is considered an indicator that the candle was made with 100% natural wax. Frosting results from the crystallization of soy wax when the wax crystals separate and rise to the surface, creating an effect that is visually captivating for some and less appealing to others.

Close-up of a soy candle displaying 'frosting' with a crystal-like pattern in the background, mirroring the natural frost effect on candle wax.

Why Does Frosting Occur?

Being a natural product, soy wax contains various fat molecules that can crystallize under certain conditions. When the wax cools after being melted during the candle-making process, these molecules realign in their crystalline form. Factors such as ambient temperature, cooling speed, and even the addition of fragrances can influence the formation of frosting.

Myths and Truths About Frosting

Contrary to popular belief, frosting is not an indicator of poor-quality candles. On the contrary, it is proof that the candle was made with pure soy wax and without synthetic additives. This phenomenon does not affect the candle’s burning capability or the intensity of its fragrance. In fact, many candle enthusiasts value frosting as a guarantee of its naturalness and authenticity.

The Beauty and Meaning of Frosting

Frosting emerges as a genuine signature of nature, highlighting the purity and choice of a sustainable approach in candle making. For those who care about the impact of their purchases, this distinctive feature reflects a commitment to authenticity and respect for our planet. It is a reminder that true beauty often resides in natural imperfections.
Four MeaQuasar soy wax candles lined up against a soft peach background, exhibiting natural 'frosting' on their surfaces, showcasing the simplicity and beauty of natural candles.
Special Care for Candles

To keep your candle in good condition, it is advisable to store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. This will help preserve its unique characteristics and extend its lifespan.

To Wrap Things Up

The next time you encounter frosting on a candle, remember that it indicates the use of 100% natural soy wax. You are looking at a symbol of purity, quality, and a strong commitment to sustainability. By choosing candles that display this natural phenomenon, you are not just selecting a product made with care; you are also supporting responsible and conscious production practices.